Is it real Michael Jackson or Imposter?

A film about the life of a big fan of the late world vocalist Michael Jackson, courtesy of the Last works of Fadly Fuad Fadly aka “Jackson”, will be aired starting June 4, 2016. The process of production of the film started in 2015.

“The process was actually started. From the start of the story, beginning with the formation of the draft, to the final draft of the briefly revised seven times, ” said Fadly in a press conference at Planet Hollywood, Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta, Thursday (1/6/2015).


Various obstacles encountered Fadly businessman while also starring in the film. “The barriers are is the many achievements that I have not dapet, I haven’t hit that her inner satisfaction,” he said.

The film is based on the true story of Fadly “Jackson”. “The true story of 80 percent the same. (The rest) 20 percent. That 20 percent for instance home baseball I gede-gede banget, Nah there are the swimming pool, that’s changed. If the character is a true story, it was Eric true original that I last dipukulin, indeed it is there,” said Fadly.

Although the film is related to Michael Jackson, the players selected Fadly doesn’t have to be a fan of the King of Pop. However, they are compulsory proficient dance.

“Baseball must love MJ. But most baseball he must comply with the characters of the original people there,” said Fadly.

In addition to starring on its own by Fadly, the last Offerings was also supported by a number of artists, namely the role of Annabella Jusuf, Umbu de Niro, Rafi Cinoun, Lydia Kandou, Opie and whiskers.

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