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8 Richest People in The Property World

Property prices will always rise up at any time from time to time, increasing the value of this redirect’s view of the eminent businessman and investors to this sector. Very high profits coupled with calculations and forecasts of a sharp and this is what makes some people dubbed “The King of Property” in the world’s richest people-order entry in Forbes. Let’s see who are these gentlemen.


1. Lee Shau Kee

  • Forbes Billionaires ranking: 35
  • Net worth: 19.6 Billion dollar
  • Nationality: Hong Kong

One of the richest landowners of Hong Kong, Lee Shau Kee of Henderson Land Development, lead an investor in International Financial Center that became an icon of Hong Kong and some major projects including The Henderson Metropolitan along Nanjing West Road adjacent to the Bund or the coastal Shanghai. He saw his luck skyrocketed in the previous year while the real estate sector slumped following the tax increase. Hong Kong companies in perjualbelikan in public which is controlled by Lee include Miramar Hotel and Hong Kong China Gas &. Associates of Lee since starting a business is the pioneer of Sun Hung Kai Properties i.e. Kwok Tak-Seng, whose children are also included in the list of world billionaires.



2. Cheng Yu-tung

  • Forbes Billionaires rank: 54
  • Net worth: 16.2 Billion dollar
  • Nationality: Hong Kong

Cheng Yu-tung has long been one of the richest men in Hong Kong. She was suffering due to illness, it was reported to have suffered a stroke in 2012 and are no longer active in different company. Cheng Yu-tung turned its corporate leadership Chair of New World Development to his eldest son Henry, 66 years old, in March 2012. Members of the three-generation Sonia Cheng and Adrian Cheng currently holding a big responsibility.



3. Wang Jianlin

  • Forbes Billionaires rank: 64
  • Net worth: 15.1 billion
  • Nationality: China

The richest man in mainland China named Wang Jianlin, who had a huge 75 department stores, shopping plaza, 85 51 five-star hotels. After you purchase a license of film trade i.e. the AMC in the year 2012, Wang register it on the New York Stock Exchange in December. He flew the celebrities Leonardo DICaprio and John Travolta for help opening a Holywood mini costing 8 billion dollars in the port city of Qingdao in September 2013. Wang was born in Sichuan province in 1954, just after the Communist revolution, spent several years of his life to work on something other than luxury. In 1970, Wang entered the military, where he menteap to 1986, where he took over the job of being a civil servant area of Dalian in Liaoning province. Wang later became a Director of Wanda, a company owned by the Government, in 1989 at the age of 35 years.



4. Donald Bren

  • Forbes Billionaires rank: 69
  • Net worth: 14.4 billion
  • Citizenship: United States

Donald Bren is one of the richest real estate developer in the United States and continue to add numbers on his wealth that thank the waves rise in property value America. Irvine co. hers has a long list of commercial and residential property portfolio, including the 50000 aoartemen, 40 million square feet of office space and 8 million square feet of shopping center in Orange county, San Diego, Los Angeles and Silicon Valey, plus three golf clubs and marina lima. They also have a Hyatt Center and is an investor in UBS Tower, both located in Chicago. Bren is registered at the University of Washington in the scholarship program go skiing (ski sports). He joined the Marines, and then building his first House with a loan of 10000 dolardi in 1958. In 1977 along with several partners, he bought the Irvine co. founded in 1864 worth 337 million dollars and became the sole shareholder in 1996. Bren has been awarded 87 seats and contributing worth millions of dollars to some uniersitas in California including the University of California at Irvine’s Law School and School of Information and Computer Sciences, which bears his name, as well as in Santa Barbara where he helped inaugurate the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. He dedicated half of the acres of Irvine Ranch 93000 as permanent open space.



5. Thomas & Raymond Kwok

  • Forbes Billionaires rank: 86
  • Net worth: 12.6 Billion dollar
  • Nationality: Hong Kong

The family of the great decline in realized Kwok wealth after the family completes his eldest brother’s thoughts and differences, namely Walter who received equal rights in the ownership of shares in Sun Hung Kai properties. He is now running his own business. The stock price of Sun Hung Kai properties has declined more than 20 percent from a year ago, while the Hang Seng Index suffered no perbuhana meaning. The company controls one of the largest property portfolio in China, which has made many iconic buildings that stood upright in the sky of Hong Kong. Thomas is Chairman of the House of supporters, 62 years old, and Raymond, 61 years old, facing the demands of bribery and conspiracy in public office.



6. David & Simon Reuben

  • Forbes Billionaires rank: 95
  • Net worth: 11.5 Billion dollars
  • Nationality: United Kingdom

Two brothers who are important in the field of real estate profit in the world’s best real estate London since 2006; with the rise in capita amounting to 10.6% last year is considered a failure of supply to meet demand anyway. The two brothers continued the business data center expansion, namely GlobalSwitch located in Hong Kong, Sidney, and Amsterdam. The financial state of the company’s stable and strong allows for certain paying dividends amounting to 1 billion dollars in December. Two brothers who grew up in the United Kingdom initiated its business with Simon became an importer of carpet and buy real estate and while at the same time David also trade metal (iron). Then they join the Transworld, metal traders who invest in Russia and Kazakhstan and natural resources. The Reuben Foundation they have meyokong funding of health and education. David now lives in Monaco and Florida and Simon resides in Monaco.



7. Robert & Philip Ng

  • Forbes Billionaires rank: 106
  • Net worth: 11 billion dollar
  • Nationality: Singapore

Two brothers, Robert and Philip Ng inherited the Kingdom of their father’s property from Ng Teng Fong has developed more than 700 hotels, malls and condominiums in Singapore and Hong Kong. Private real estate ownership through the Far East Organization worth more than 6 billion dollars. On expansion in Australia, these sisters buy important buildings in Sidney, Clocktower Square, worth 64 million dollars in October and Perth’s Harbour Town Center, a shopping complex worth 183 million dollars via the Far East Hospitality Trust. And in November, they paid 6.2 million dollars for an ancient heritage Asutralia at the islands of Scotland, located in New South Wales which is accessible only by boat. The biggest part of their public benefit allocated on Tsim Sha Tsui Properties, led by their oldest brother named Robert Ng in Hong Kong. Philip became interested in investment with Singapore.



8. Joseph Lau

  • Forbes Billionaires rank: 158
  • Net worth: 8.4 Billion dollar
  • Nationality: Hong Kong

Shareholder Joseph Lau in Chinese Estate hers which is the largest real estate investors, has been doubling in a year amid expectations that he was not proven guilty of bribery demands by the Government of Macau. Son Lau Ming-Wai, a member of the bar in New York, the United States is the leader of the company. His father holds a 75% stake in the company. And Lau graduated from the University of Windsor in Canada.