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Feng Shui Expert: Tips on How to Build House This Year of The Fire Monkey

This year is the year of the monkey and the feng shui architect Sidhi Wiguna Teh mentions, there are four directions that could potentially bring positive energy to the occupants of that year.


Sidhi Wiguna Teh on Property Talkshow

Wind direction based on the flying stars, flying stars, in the science of feng shui, shows some of the directions that can bring positive energy to the occupants of the House.

“This year is a good direction to the Southwest,” said Sidhi.

The House overlooking the Southwest this year affected the 8 stars in the science of feng shui was known as the star of prosperity.

Southwest in feng shui is further divided into three points, while the direction is bringing positive energy this year is southwest of point 1 and 2.

The occupants of the House that faces the direction is expected to succeed in careers and finance functions.

A business that will be Profitable in the year of the fire Monkey

According to calculations of the Chinese calendar, the new year is February 8 of Goat year Wood to the Fire Monkey. Feng Shui experts, Erwin Yap, predict metal elements and the water will become the dominant element in that year. That’s why any employment or business, provided that under the influence of both these elements, will lead to profit.

“The most great Businesses in 2016 is that follows the water i.e. communication media, especially pertaining to online journalism. The business of print media may be decreased pretty dramatically. Turn the digital media business is thriving. So also in part a PR or marketing. To be sure, any sort of online business will increase this year, ” said Feng Shui expert who is also good at foresight by reading look on the face.

Added if any related to the online world will get a good response and will help boost the business less profitable.

“Got any business does not matter. Just how to market your business through distribution lines online. So, by trying to use a nice element this year, likened such as our good horses, ” said feng shui expert who often perform at various shows on television.

Although he gives plenty of feedback and advice based on the calculation that the Chinese calendar, Erwin again confirms if the effort each person will also affect the arrival of fortune.

erwin yap

Erwin Yap Fengshui Expert

“Zodiac not only talking about the character of the animal.

It should be noted if it’s just a wrapper from the elements contained in it. 2016 was the year of the monkey.

But, that’s just the wrapper only. If we open the wrapper, there is an axe which is a metal element.


This element indicates a good year for the economy pick up again, compared to last year. It is a great hope. But, that does not mean we are not trying. Instead of our own efforts that the good energy from the element-element it will approach us.”



A House facing East when the year of the fire Monkey is under the influence of the stars 9, symbolising doubled, multiply star.

They are there in the House facing East, good points 1, 2, or 3, will get the business and cooperation deals.

“He’s again the arrival of many opportunities. But, it must be jelly, choose the appropriate competencies,” said feng shui course lecturer in the Department of architecture at Tarumanegara University.

NE else being got good energy. 1 star-influenced, victory or victory star, the residents got the financial kindness and creativity.

Speaking at the Indonesian Property Summit Expo 2016 as reported by the official Rumah Dijual, Mr Sidhi said “So more wisely in the property market,”.


South-facing home dwellers this year could be more respected because of being under the influence of the star 6, stars of heaven. “More respected because a high charisma, the nature of leadership to emerge.”

Positive energy gained through the direction of the House, according to Sidhi, will be different for each person, among other affected if that person is in the Eastern or Western people.

In the science of feng shui, known to the West and East divisions based on the last digit of the year of birth. How to figure it out is to add up the last two digits of year of birth, and then made into single digits.

For example, the birth of 1985, resulting in the number 13 by adding 8 and 5. Add back 1 and 3, to 4.

Numbers 1, 3, 4 and 9 are the East, while the 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 the West.

For the Eastern Group, a good direction is North, South, East and Southeast, in contrast to those in the group a good direction is West South-West, West, North-West and North-East.

“This year, the Eastern Group of the more fortunate.”